Sketching & Binding

Last night’s bookbinding class was much like the previous one I attended. Everyone else in the class seemed to fly through their structures, while I struggled to keep up. It seems I am always marching to a different drummer with these people, but no matter. The best part of the evening really had nothing to do with the class. I’d arrived early, and was sketching in MCBA‘s cafe to pass the time until class began. I became aware that I was being observed by a little girl, whose brother was whispering to her not to stare. The little girl whispered, “I like to watch her draw.” The brother whispered, “You have to ask.” I looked up and smiled at the little girl, who smiled triumphantly back. She said, shyly, “I like your drawings.” I said, “I’m so glad. Do you like to draw, too?” She said yes, and added, “I’m thinking about being an artist when I grow up.” I said, “Well, I think you can be an artist right now, too.”

Thanks for reading. Don’t be afraid to do the things you most want to do when you grow up.



Painterly poetry, gestural art.


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