Little Red Book

I finished off my bookbinding workshop weekend with a 7-signature chevron longstitch binding. This type of binding is far more complex than anything I usually attempt and it took me an absurdly long time to construct. I thoroughly understand the structure now though, so I’m glad I didn’t race through it. What I especially like about this binding is how it suggests the warp threads of a weaving. I don’t have any immediate plans for making more artist’s books, but I did want to add a few binding styles to my limited repertory. Kind thanks to followers and visitors, and enjoy your creative pursuits!



Book Forms & Ingrid

Today was day one of a non-adhesive bookbinding class I’m attending at the Minnesota Center for Book Arts. I practiced three different binding styles: 1) a 2-signature pamphlet with two closure variations, 2) a Japanese stab binding with two sewing variations, and 3) a dos equis 3-signature binding. After today’s workshop, I raced over to the hospital to see Ingrid again and present her with some hat options. My point here is that so-called mundane life and art are not separate. Also, nothing says “Calligrapher’s First Grandchild” quite like polka dots and a great big bow.






Sketches for Ingrid

I thought I had better get started on some monogram sketches for my newborn granddaughter. She might want to teach me wheel throwing someday, and I’m going to need something to trade for the lessons. Okay, I’ll post a picture of Ingrid, too. I am quite beyond all concern about being off-topic today. Ingrid Alice Warner, born 9/12/14 at 8:17 a.m., 7 lbs. 7 oz., 20″ long, mother and baby doing fine:-)





Unbroken Cylinder

My friend Annie is hoping I’ll post a pot, and I’d hate to disappoint her. I am still in the wondering about it stage when it comes to bringing calligraphy into my clay pieces, though I do thoroughly enjoy the bilateral, tactile, gestural qualities of this medium. I also love being a raw beginner in clay. It’s a very helpful, creative place for me right now.



Monogram Designs

This semester I am taking Introduction to Ceramics at UWRF – quite fun. One of the first calligraphic things I started wondering about in this class was how to make potters’ marks. Turns out this is an area of concern for some of my studiomates. They’re all better potters than I am, so I sketch quick monogram ideas for them while they try to teach me how to throw. Maybe I’ll post humorous pictures of my collapsed cylinders later:-)




Ink Painting Bifolia

I am now exploring variations on my Taliesin Book motifs. I’ve heard other calligraphers tell stories about the happy day they became enamored with the book arts. I suppose I always figured it would never quite fully happen to me. I’ve made a few books, but almost always out of a sense of duty or obligation, hardly ever purely for fun, and usually just to complete a commission, request, or assignment. Moreover, years of part-time work at a public library had the unforeseen effect of dampening my nascent bibliophilia. But now. . .what is this strange feeling? The artistic equivalent of love?








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